3 Things Major League Baseball Needs In 2020

An inspirational season from the Toronto Blue Jays is just one story Major League Baseball needs in 2020.

Various industries have adapted to the unfortunate pandemic, and that also included professional sports fans — just ask any baseball fanatic.

For starters, America’s pastime was recently introduced to the uncommon after cardboard cutouts flooded seats behind home plate and fake crowd noise was incorporated over television broadcasts. While fans aren’t able to overpay for tickets and attend their favorite baseball cathedrals this season, there’s still plenty to look forward to and embrace.

NEWHD lists the three things MLB needs in 2020 for a successful season.


Houston, We Have a Problem

Let’s get the elephant out of the room…

After the Houston Astros pled guilty of an over the top cheating scandal which led to a World Series title in 2017, it’s safe to say that everyone who’s not donning an Astros’ logo wants the team to struggle. Witnessing Houston record another successful season won’t please a majority of fans and arguably isn’t the greatest image for the league.

It’s no secret that diehard fans will likely gain satisfaction if the Astros struggle, mightily. 2020 has been brutal since the calendar flipped over to January, but fans are hoping it doesn’t get any better for Houston and its banging trashcans.

Side note – is anyone questioning what gadgets are under the Astros’ facemasks?

True Patriot Love

Let’s support our friends North of the Border and hope that the Toronto Blue Jays are one of the league’s biggest storylines this season.

The Blue Jays aren’t just MLB’s lone Canadian team, but also the only squad that can’t play games in their hometown. Seriously, there were a few days when no one was sure where exactly Toronto would host games. That must have been an uncomfortable feeling for everyone involved with the organization, no?

Yes, the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays and the Astros are all American League favorites, but most people would still cheer for a true underdog. This season’s favorite underdog story belongs to the Blue Jays considering Toronto was just informed they’ll play their home games at the club’s minor league affiliate stadium in Buffalo.

Most fans and cities need a sense of hope and a feel-good story during this unfortunate time, and the Jays can embrace the circumstances and provide that inspiration we’ve all been waiting for. Imagine a dramatic run to a clinch a playoff berth and upset a team like Houston in the playoffs from a notorious losing squad like Toronto – that type of story will gain positive traction and publicity for the MLB and win over the average fan’s full attention.

Plus, Buffalo is the perfect city to embrace a unique sports story and Cinderella run from a team that hasn’t won a title in almost three decades.

A Subway World Series

While everyone’s second favorite team is now the Blue Jays, fans should cheer and hope for a Subway World Series.  

Mandatory Credit: Jed Jacobsohn/ALLSPORT

New York was hit hard and early during the pandemic and the city might not ever be the same. Twenty years later, Major League Baseball needs a Subway World Series between the New York Mets and Yankees – it’s only fitting.

Think about the excitement and again, hope that could create for not just sports fans, but the entire greater New York City area and country.

Mandatory Credit: Ezra Shaw/ALLSPORT

Your girlfriend might just turn off Netflix or 90-Day Fiance for a couple of nights this fall season to check out this rare occasion and exciting story to hopefully follow. Let’s not forget that most sports enthusiasts are already counting out the 2020 season and expressing that it “won’t count” due to the shortened season and regardless of who wins a championship.

However, knowing the New York audience, when bragging rights are on the line – everything counts. A Mets-Yankees World Series will regain fans’ attention and for the better. Baseball has desperately sought a means to attract and gain new fans, and 2020’s World Series in the Big Apple could just be one key ingredient for an obstacle that’s seemed impossible for the league.

The sports mecca needs to smile and sparking a rejuvenated interest for baseball happens with a Subway World Series in 2020.

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