Giorgia Vanni Rocks NEWHD

Meet Giorga Vanni

Powerful, Exciting & Fresh are all words that best describe Giorgia Vanni’s music.

Hailing from Rome, Italy, she is a true modern renaissance artist.

From a very young age, Giorgia had a uniquely honest way of expressing her impressions of the world through her art, literature and especially music. Giorgia is equally accomplished in all.

Her organic sound and exotically powerful voice soon caught the attention of drummer/producer Joshua Seth Eagan, who has worked on Grammy award winning and Grammy nominated records such as Pink’s Try This and Mark Slaughter’s Halfway There.

Their wonderful long-distance collaboration opened up a whole new chapter in her life. In 2017 she decided to pack up her bags and move to Los Angeles to follow her dream and share her passions with the world.

Once in the studio, it was apparent there was way more to the picture. Giorgia’s able to convey the most intimate and gentle emotions with a sultry and soothing voice, then explode into a fireball with vocals that are reminiscent of her idol Pat Benatar. It’s like capturing lighting in a bottle that you didn’t see coming.

As 2020 brings a powerful new record and exciting live performances, one thing shines clearly on the horizon:  Giorgia Vanni is a force that will not be denied.

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Zach Martin

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