New York – DAEODON (day-o-don), the broad-ranging, post-grunge rockers named for the pre-historic creature which roamed North America over 19 million years ago, delivers music with “teeth” on its new CD album FOREVER STRANGERS.

Forever Strangers (Daeodon Recordings) follows their EP Media Mask; and, first LP The Fixer (both from 2019) and continues their musical voyage in the best tradition of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to Soundgarden, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Mastodon, Faith No More and Nirvana.

Anita Gevinson, co-host of the Music Connection Magazine Podcast, said of Louisville rockers: “It’s rare to hear a band as strong and passionate as Daeodon … And they are only just beginning their rock odyssey!”

And, Times Square Chronicles said, “Daeodon follows the grunge-rock traverse of such classic bands as Soundgarden and Faith No More with exemplary results.”

The nine-track album continues their often-raucous, yet reflective musings on life. Says Daeodon front man-guitarist John T., “As Media Mask captured what we sound like live, Perfect Strangers crystallizes that sound to a tee. As The Fixer captured what we sound like live, Forever Strangers dives deeper into production, widening our ability to bring to realization our instincts, ideas, songwriting.”

With Daeodon now a two-man outfit (John T and Sam LeMay) the communications been between John T. and LeMay is tighter than ever. The band clearly evidences a tighter songwriting and production style; starting with the exuberant and anthemic “Steam Grinder” and “Flight to the Past”

And, the atmospheric rocker “Hargone” with its flailing guitars has proven to be an early favorite from the album.

The brooding “Desert Eye” with a hypnotic guitar throughout has also been an early pic.

Since their debut release, 2018’s EP, No Time To Die (which was created at Steve Albini’s (Nirvana) Chicago studio), Daeodon has exhibited tighter songwriting and clean, precise production.

Explains John T, “Forever Strangers is raw emotion delivered with sophisticated production. It’s a commentary in context. The songwriting selection and process of what made it onto the album was brutal – we deleted and rewrote entire songs after they were ready for mastering, remixed, edited, destroyed, composed, and improvised until we thought we were losing our minds.”

Forever Strangers is where opposites meet, and sometimes meld together, where reality meets fantasy, where fear turns to love, where empathy is king.

Forever Strangers was produced by Hank Linderman (The Eagles, America & Chicago) & Daedon — John T. and LeMay (guitars), Sam LeMay (vocals), at LaLa Land in Louisville and other places during fall and winter of 2019.

Adds Linderman, “Working on their music with these guys is a treat. I love the combination of early metal (think Black Sabbath) with modern energy and angst, deceptively simple and deep. The songs are built on their unusual guitar tunings, shifting time signatures and “not too tight” performances; the music breathes and takes the listener down an unseen road into the night.”

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