Power ranking the New York Islanders alternate jerseys

See the Islanders alternate jerseys ranked from worst to best.

It’s been a painful stretch for the New York Islanders and their fans since 1982-83. There’s no questioning that.

Not only did that season mark the New Jersey Devils’ inception, but the last time the Isles hoisted Lord Stanley.

For the record, the Devils have won three Stanley Cup championships since then while the orange and blue hasn’t advanced past the second round of the playoffs since 1992-93.


However, New York has introduced a handful of alternate sweaters over the last three decades. NEWHD Media ranks the Islanders third jerseys from worst to best.

2011-2014 Mishmash

It’s not rare for most fans to look at their favorite team’s uniform and think out loud and for the worst…

“What were they thinking?”

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The Islanders’ black alternate jersey that was introduced during the 2011-12 campaign is forgettable, to say the least. It was nothing shy of a mishmash and numerous eras of NHL jersey designs combined into one, well, catastrophe.

For starters, it was never the Isles’ business to don a black uniform. This short-lived alternate never portrayed New York’s overall brand and the chances are that the die-hard hockey fan didn’t recognize which team hit the ice at the old Nassau Coliseum.

The reality is that this jersey’s layout and design was a terrible combination that was mixed with the modern-day Anaheim Ducks’ awkward triangular piping down the lower sides of the uniform, no?

Don’t worry – this sweater was retired and won’t return.

2015-2017 Barclays Alternate

Speaking of black alternate jerseys…

Just when the faithful Islander fans thought black third jerseys were retired – another was introduced.

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Once the four-time Stanley Cup champions relocated to Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, the organization unveiled a third jersey that was consistent with the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets’ brand.

While this alternate sweater was simpler and sleek, it still didn’t capture Isles’ fans hearts and no one blamed the fan base, either. A black base for a jersey just didn’t mesh with the Islanders’ notorious and classic blue and orange appearance.

Let’s give credit where it’s due, though.

The primary crest utilized for this sweater was always appreciated after it was introduced for the team’s Stadium Series game in 2013-14 at Yankee Stadium against the New York Rangers. If this jersey was introduced back in the late 1990s or early 2000s it might have been a popular sweater with a majority of fans, but circa modern-day – fans begged for its retirement before it ever debuted in the fall of 2015.

1996-1997 Wave Jerseys

After ditching the classic Islander logo and jerseys for the infamous “fisherman” crest in 1995, New York introduced two alternate sweaters for the 1996-97 campaign.

At the time, the NHL granted teams to carry four jerseys, which was likely to help increase merchandise sales. New York wasted no time and tried to take advantage of the opportunity.

Robert Laberge /Allsport

The “wave” jerseys were the same design as the fisherman sweaters, but the Islanders reincorporated the “NY” logo. Considering the era, these jerseys weren’t terrible, but again an organization such as the Isles should have never strayed away from a classy look.

Fans might notice that teal and grey were added to the appearance and the shoulder piping was an untraditional design.

The wave design at the base of the jerseys was creative and the Montauk Lighthouse shoulder patches were a nice nod to Long Island.

These sweaters were introduced as the primaries one season later and the fisherman era officially ended.

2008-2010 Modern-Vintage

While these sweaters were introduced as the team’s primaries after the 2009-10 campaign, the blue version was technically an alternate sweater for two seasons. So, it made the cut for this list.

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

The concept was to create a modern version of the Islanders sweaters from the 1970s and ‘80s, and these were arguably the best sweaters New York introduced since that era. The brighter blue and orange pops just right and truly separated its brand from the rest of the league.

NEWHD ranks this jersey in the middle of the pack – considering it’s now utilized as the primary set.

2002-2007 Orange “Pumpkin” Sweaters

It’s apparent that the Islanders were never shy about taking risks with their jersey designs. New York took the plunge and unveiled an orange jersey for the first time in franchise history in 2002-03.

(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

 At first, the sweater received mixed reviews, but eventually, it seemed that the orange and blue faithful embraced the appearance and flooded the Coliseum’s seats with orange. New York also wore the sweaters on the road and at home for the first season, but eventually donned the jersey often at the Barn after its first season.

The overall design wasn’t terrible, but a simpler approach might have gone down as one of the best alternates of all-time. During this era, the Islanders were the only NHL team that wore an orange third jersey. It was bold, but a nice change of pace for an organization that needed some swagger.

2014 Stadium Series

Islanders fans can all say they fell in love at one point in their lives…

The Isles unveiled this gem for the 2014 Stadium Series contest at Yankee Stadium and it was accepted by what seemed like the entire hockey community. After popular demand, New York wore the jersey often throughout the remainder of the 2013-14 season and the newly modified “NY” logo appeared to be the only alternate logo the team would use for the long run.

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

An additional version of this sweater was released as the team’s official alternate one season later, but sadly it was retired in favor of the black alternate once the team relocated to Barclays. The blue, white and orange color scheme truly popped and provided a new vibrant appearance for the Isles during the John Tavares era. However, this doesn’t go down as the Islanders’ best alternate sweater.

Current Alternate

After almost a handful of seasons without the beloved Stadium-Series alternate, the Isles finally introduced a similar version for the 2018-19 campaign.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The current third jersey is a modified and simpler version of the 2014-15 alternate and in relation to the stripes, shoulder yokes and primary crest. One major difference is that the number were filled in with orange instead of white, and as a nod towards the dynasty years.

The white number arguably pop better than the orange, but fans can’t complain about the meaning behind the decision. Fans have to think that the Islanders’ best alternate jersey should at least be the team’s longest-tenured third jersey.

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