New York Mets: Dykstra confirms Cohen as owner

Lenny Dysktra guarantees Steve Cohen as the new owner of the Mets.

There’s a chance that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez own a Major League Baseball team one day, but it doesn’t appear that the celebrity power couple will win the bid for the New York Mets. Well, at least according to former Met outfielder Lenny Dykstra.

The 1986 World Series champion phoned in as a guest via NewHD News and provided Mets fans with some of the best news they’ve heard since, well, a long time.

Dykstra voiced that the team’s current minority owner in Steven Cohen will “100%” own the Mets and fans can expect that news to break over the course of the next “five days.”

The intriguing update comes after ongoing rumors on whether everyone’s favorite steroid user in “A-Rod” or Cohen would be the lucky winners to help turn around the franchise. Keep in mind that the Mets have only won two World Series contests since ’86 and missed the postseason more times than not since that time.

A majority of the orange and blue’s inconsistency was blamed on the team’s current ownership in the Wilpon family. Fred Wilpon and his group have executed questionable actions with Mets’ direction since becoming a majority owner in 2002, and the Citi Field faithful have eagerly waited for his departure for well over a decade.

On the other hand, Cohen appears to have not only the wallet and spending mentality to revive the Mets, but dedicate and ensure that they’ll win.

It’s been a painful experience for Mets fans and for far too long, but hope appears on the horizon.

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